Catching Up

Sorry it’s been a while since I updated. It’s been another busy couple of weeks. And just within this past week, I filmed with Punished Brats topping Mandie in several scenes, shot some custom video clips with Lily Anna, did a bondage shoot with Beauties In Bondage, had a few sessions, edited new spanking content, made up lots of DVDs and related materials for the vendor’s fair at the Boardwalk Badness Weekend (courtesy of my friend Richard Windsor who will be vending for me), and then finished out the week by having minor surgery. I’m now recovering from the surgery and honestly enjoying the forced downtime. Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been able to get the chance to check in before now.

Easter is just around the corner and thankfully the Easter Bunny does not seem to keep tabs the way Santa does. While there is the Czech tradition of using a pomlázka to whip the women of the town, this is not a tradition in my household. So no lumps of coal and certainly no willow rod whips coming my way. Only candy in my basket! Robin’s Eggs, jelly beans, Pop Rocks (not exactly an Easter candy but I love them) … and if I there has to be a spanking too, I sure hope it’s this kind:


Springtime, Speckles, and a Spanking Movie

It’s been a long winter here but I think I’ve spotted some signs of spring.  The tulip bulbs I planted last fall are starting to come up, the house finches have returned to build a new nest on our porch, and Robin’s Eggs, those colorful speckled malted candies, are in stores.  Hopefully the Easter bunny will leave some at my house this year.


And much like those little candies, my poor bottom is featuring the speckled look!  I may have gotten off lightly for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day, but I think I made up for that this week.



In other news, Lily and I just released a new movie, Family Discipline.  It is another installment in the Aunt Melissa and Sian series.  It features Lily as Sian, Tina Tink as Anthea, and myself as Aunt Melissa as with the others but also introduces Lydia Walton as Lily’s mom.  Together Lydia and Aunt Melissa do everything they can to keep their daughters in line but Sian and Anthea never manage to behave for long.

We filmed Family Discipline back in early January when winter was just getting started on its fierce path.  The blizzard hit our area as we were finally finishing up the shoot for the day but I can assure you that Lily and Tina were kept warm with the heat from their spanked bottoms.

To read more about the the movie and to view the trailer, check out the Family Discipline movie page.

Red For Lack of Green?

I’m dreadfully unprepared for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!  I’ve just realized that I don’t have anything green to wear.  Everything I own seems to be shades of blue, pink, purple, and gray.  No green.  Traditionally anyone caught not wearing green on St. Patty’s day gets a pinch, but maybe I should get a swat?  Or maybe two since I’m part Irish and all.  What do you think?  If you don’t wear green, it’s fair to sport a little red?

Aside from neglecting to keep up with holidays, I’ve made a separate website showcasing the latest clips4sale updates and DVDs available.  All of the scene descriptions and clip previews available in one spot.  Please visit and have a look.  


And the last scene from Lily’s Serious Discipline is now up, soon we’ll have new content from a movie we filmed earlier in the year.

Cause For Paws Thank You Video

The Cause for Paws video is now up for your viewing pleasure.  We have included a variety of spanking clips including Lily Anna and I spanking each other, Lily getting spanked by her hubby, and Lily spanking Tina Tink and Emma who agreed to pitch in for a good cause.  All of the spankings are playful and fun and a celebration of the fantastic support that’s been shown to the shelters.  The video concludes with some footage of our own beloved adopted pets.  Hope you’ll enjoy!

Can’t see the embedded video?  Click here to view it on Spankingtube.

Dusting Off My Blog

Sorry that it’s been a while since I last updated.  I’ve had a couple of very busy weeks with both spanking stuff and vanilla life.  My to-do list has grown rather long but I hope to catch up on things this coming week.

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve listed a few of my uniforms and costumes for sale on eBay.  Proceeds from the sales will go to support the animal shelter even though the main Cause For Paws fundraiser has concluded (more on that later).  I am certainly not getting rid of all of my outfits, just reducing a little bit to make room in my closet and to make room for new items I pick up.  I had four extra large storage boxes full of items and if I’m going to pare down, why not offer them to others that might be more likely to have use for a school girl skirt or a naughty nurse uniform than the local thrift shops.  And if anything can be done to continue to help the shelter, then that’s even better.


Since I’m a new eBay seller, I am restricted to listing only 10 items per month for the first 90 days.  Therefore it will take a few months before I can list all of the items especially since relisted items count towards my 10.  To check out the outfits that are currently available go here:  Visit my eBay Store  

Back to the topic of Cause For Paws for a moment.  The shelters were absolutely ecstatic to receive the donations and amazed by everyone’s generosity.  Lily and I had a chance to film the final segment for the CFP thank you video and I will be putting that together this week.  I had intended to share the thank you video only with those that dontated, but then ran into the issue of not having an email address for every donor and I would not want to short change anyone.  Therefore everyone gets to view the free fun thank you clip we’ve made!  I will be posting it on my blog as soon as it’s done (which will hopefully be by the end of this week).

I am also finishing up editing the last couple of short custom clips for those that made large donations.  If you are one of the people who are owed a clip, I will be contacting you soon to provide you with your video.

Just wanted to make this quick post to let you know I’m still around and kickin’ before I return to tackling my to-do list … and waiting for the snow to start.  Because that’s what we need.  More snow.


Lily Anna’s Serious Discipline Movie

Lily Anna’s Serious Discipline full length movie is now available on DVD and on Clips4Sale!  Individual scene clips will be made available on Clips4Sale over the coming weeks, but for the best value and to ensure that you don’t miss a moment of Lily’s intense spankings, download the full 46 minute version today!


A full description of the scenes as well as preview photos can be found on the Serious Discipline movie page.  And below is a free preview clip for you to enjoy!

Why Lily Won’t Be Sitting This Weekend

I got to give Lily Anna three bottom burning, solid spankings yesterday!  We took a break from the 1950s themed Aunt Melissa scenes to do a few modern day, harder spankings as per Lily’s request.  Lily selected Kelly’s suggestion for one of the reasons to get spanked (see blog post here) and came up with two more herself.   She chose her own implements of doom and then we got down to business.

All in all, Lily received a hand spanking, 2 wooden OTK paddles, a leather strap, a solid school paddle, and a school paddle with holes that was dubbed the Holy Sh*t paddle.  I wonder why.  


As you can tell by the smile on my face, it was a simply dreadful chore to have to spank Lily’s pert round bottom.


Action shot!  A little bonus lick of the strap just for the photo.  Muahaha.


The beloved Holy Sh*t paddle 


Lily’s bottom was red and marked and very sore right after shooting,


but it wasn’t until the next day that the bruises started to really show.

I have to edit all of the material that we shot, but we look forward to bringing Lily’s harder spankings to you soon on DVD and clips4sale.  For now, hope you enjoyed these sneak preview pictures of Lily’s tender tush!

Be sure to also check out Lily Anna’s NEW blog.  Her previous wordpress based one was deleted but she has bounced right back with a brand new blog all her own. Be sure to stop by and have a look and don’t forget to update your bookmarks!

Hello and Dear Amber Request

I think Mother Nature needs a spanking!!  I’m so done with this snow.  I’m sure many of you out there feel the same way.  But while I’m snowed in again today, I thought I’d pop on here to say hello.

Check out this strength training machine at my gym.  It’s called the Glute Master and boy is it ever.  This thing could actually be used as a spanking bench if it didn’t have those pesky weights attached to it.  But you don’t need a spanking if you work out on it because the burn that builds on your bottom from the inside out is intense!  Oofah!!

photo (3)


I’d like to put together another Dear Amber video soon.  If I’m lucky, maybe I can even convince Lily to join me for a segment.  But I need to know what questions or topics you’d like me to ramble about this time.  Let me know!

New Movie – Emily’s Visit


Lily and I have just released a new full length movie continuing the Sian and Aunt Melissa series – Emily’s Visit. Like My Summer With Aunt Melissa, it’s set in the 1950s and features Lily Anna, Tina Tink, and myself plus we are introducing a brand new model, Emma starring as Emily.  


It’s already available for immediate download in our Clips4Sale store.  


DVD copies are also available for purchase.  Please see the Spanking Movies page for more details. 

You can read all of the scene descriptions and see some preview photos on this page – Emily’s Visit.  

Watch the movie trailer here or view it directly on Spanking Tube.

Emma is an absolute sweetheart who took some great spanking especially considering she’d never been spanked before!  I felt like such a meanie for repeatedly reddening her bouncy, round bottom and leaving her sobbing (yes, sobbing!!!) in the corner.  It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.  

emily5 emily3

Come to think of it, Emma did actually deserve the spankings she received since she cut class to come film.  Tsk tsk.  I bet she had some trouble sitting comfortably at her desk the next day.


We also have yet another full length Sian and Aunt Melissa movie, Family Discipline, that is due for release very soon.  We actually filmed it prior to the Emily’s Visit movie but it still needs a bit more editing.  But stay tuned because we’ll be bringing you even more red bottomed actions in the coming weeks.

Also coming up, Lily and I are making our plans to film her intense punishment scene.  Lily is carefully considering all of the great scene suggestions that you left in the comments section as well as by email.  Actually I think she’s stalling because she’s wondering just what she’s gotten her bottom into.  But she’ll have to decide her fate soon as we intend to film in February.

And of course we also plan to film our fun Thank You spanking video to say thanks to everyone who donated to Cause for Paws.  We are wrapping up the fundraiser as of January 31st and already it has been an enormous success.  So many animals will benefit from the support shown to two amazing rescue organizations.  


The Search for Leather Toys


I enjoy spankings with leather implements – both giving and receiving.  But while it seems relatively easy to find a variety of gorgeous, quality wooden spanking toys as well as makeshift domestic items like spoons and hair brushes, I haven’t found it as easy to acquire leather toys.  I have a couple of leather straps, but I’d like to add to my collection.  Not everyone is comfortable using belts or straps because of their tendency to wrap if not landed just right.  

I’d like to find some leather paddles to play with.  I found this model online.  It looked ideal!  Wide, reinforced leather giving a nice controlled swing.  I ordered right away only to receive notice that they are no longer available.  Boooo!



Do you have any suggestions for where online to purchase some good leather paddles and perhaps some lighter to medium weight wider straps?  The couple of straps that I have are heavy weights that are not suitable for extended play.  Ideally the paddles I’d like to acquire would be either like the “classic paddle” above or the smaller mock hairbrush OTK style.  Referrals and personal recommendations greatly appreciated!