Student Discipline Video Clip

I promise I have not forgotten about you!  Things have just been incredibly busy lately.  I’m going in a thousand directions recently but I’m loving everything I’m doing from my classes to work to spanking sessions.

Once my scheduled gets ironed out a bit, I’ll be back to post a more complete entry but for now, I wanted to share some pictures from a new custom video clip that Lily and I shot last month.  The clip has just been uploaded to our Clips4Sale store if you’d like to check it out.

The scene is entitled Student Discipline and Lily and I must take turns giving each other a prescribed punishment spanking.  How fitting this is considering I’ve just started school!  Let’s just say that plan to make curfew from here on out.

Lily Anna and Pixie were caught by the headmistress breaking the campus curfew. As per school policy, they have been ordered to paddle and cane one another for their infraction. The catch? They must present their red bottoms to the headmistress afterwards to show they did a sufficient job. If their bottoms don’t show enough marks, the headmistress will spank them all over again.

The girls wince in sympathy as they deliver the swats to each other, but they are forced to make this a punishment that counts!

student1 student2 student3 student4 student5



Just Peachy


It’s peach season, but I bet you’ve never seen peaches like this at your local farm stand!



Must have been some naughty peaches because a few of them look like they were recently spanked.

And those peaches aren’t the only ones that have been spanked recently.  Lily Anna and I filmed a couple custom videos last week and for some reason, I seemed to get the brunt of the punishment this time around!  I guess it’s only fair considering all the times I’ve been the one to deliver the swats to Lily. 

We’ve uploaded one of the videos to our Clips4Sale store already and another will follow soon.

Games of Chance

Pixie has a gambling problem and has even resorted to taking money from her roommate, Lily, to feed her habit. Lily is determined to put a stop to Pixie’s addiction by teaching her that games of chance have painful consequences.

Pixie, clad in only a bikini, is first given a hard hand spanking and then made to repeatedly roll dice to determine what she’ll be spanked with next and how many times. And just when Pixie thinks it’s over, Lily surprises her with a hairbrush spanking to make sure the lesson is learned.

We truly played by the rules and allowed the dice to determine the implements and number of swats. Let’s just say Lady Luck was not on Pixie’s side that day.

bikini1 bikini4bikini2

If you watch the video, I hope you’ll enjoy my string of bad luck with those darn dice!

Not Exactly Goodbye But …

You may have read Lily Anna’s announcement on her blog the other day that she is planning to officially retire from the fetish scene in the next couple of months and no longer appear on camera.  I have received a few emails asking what that means in regard to our video ventures – will LAP Spanking continue on?  Am I also retiring?

Well, we will be winding down the LAP Spanking site and cease filming videos very soon, but I am not retiring entirely.  I will be returning to school as of mid-August and also drastically increasing my vanilla work hours even sooner than that.  


So with Lily and I both needing to dedicate more of our time to vanilla obligations, we will unfortunately be calling an end to our video work as well as our beloved Aunt Melissa series.  We had hoped to be able to film one more full length movie, but unfortunately the details of a large scale production could not be worked out in time.  


We are, however, looking to film a few final short individual clips featuring just the two of us before the end of July.  If you are interested in ordering a custom clip with Lily Anna and myself, act now.  Send us an email at  You can have your own custom spanking scene created for you for $250 (email us for an exact quote based on your requests), but only if you get in touch soon.

We will also be closing our clips4sale store in a few months time so if there is a title you’ve been considering purchasing, be sure to visit LAP Spanking Clips and order your download soon.


So that’s the bad news.  The GOOD news is that I will continue to be available for in-person sessions as my schedule allows and I will continue to post here on my blog.  I am still a spanko at heart even if I am delving deeper into the vanilla world.  If you’re interested in booking a session, please email me at


The Good Girl or The Bad Girl

For those of you that enjoy role play, either watching a scene or acting one out yourself, do you prefer when the spanking recipient is really “bad” or actually “good” but somehow ends up getting spanked anyway?

Now, before I get too far along, allow me to make a disclaimer. I am only using the term “girl” for convenience and because it’s part of the often used phrases “good girl” and “bad girl”. I know there are plenty of “good and bad” boys out there and many who don’t like the youthful terms at all, but please substitute the term of your choice as you read this.

By “bad” I mean a character that is really asking for it. Someone who has clearly done something deserving of harsh punishment and who perhaps isn’t the least bit remorseful. Someone who is mouthy, spews hate peppered with curse words, shows no respect, and generally falls somewhere on the spectrum between brat and bitch. There is no doubt that the bad girl is out of control and needs to be dealt with.

And by “good” I mean someone who may have committed a more minor offense and perhaps did so without malicious intent. The good girl isn’t as likely to backtalk but may try to desperately talk her way out of a spanking. In some scenarios, the good girl may not have even truly done anything wrong but was in the wrong place at the wrong time or may have even been framed.

Those are the extremes, of course, and there are many variations that fall somewhere in between. But generally speaking, do you prefer to watch or engage with a character who is taking on the role of the rebellious troublemaker or does that run the risk of crossing the line and making it a less than enjoyable experience? For some it may be appealing to have someone who is so clearly deserving of punishment but for others, too much resistance and refusal to hand over control spoils the moment.

For some, the good girl is appealing because you generally want to be around those that are well-behaved and well-mannered. But if the girl is too good, then do you feel justified in giving the spanking? You need some kind of incentive.

When I role play, I generally like playing the mostly good girl that has committed some relatively minor offense. Maybe I cheated on a test and was caught. Maybe I called out sick from work to go to the beach and my boss found out. Or maybe I was late on the rent for the third month in a row and my roommate has had enough. Playing the role of someone who committed adultery, became rip roaring drunk after a night of passion, and then crashed my car into a telephone pole is a bit too far of a stretch for me, but I have made an attempt to act out similar roles upon request.

What’s your preference? Bottoms, which role do you like playing and tops, what kind of role do you like the bottom to take on? And for those that watch, which is more of a turn on for you, the really bad girl getting spanked or the mostly good girl surprised to find herself over the knee?

On a side note, Emma is going to be traveling to our area in the near future and will be available to shoot custom scenes.



If you’d like to order a custom video clip featuring Emma being spanked by Lily Anna, me, or the both of us, please email us at The cost for a clip is $200 and the video tend to be 5 – 7 minutes in length. Tell us what kind of scenario you’d enjoy and we will do our best to bring your ideas to life. Emma can be the good girl or the bad girl you have dreamed of seeing spanked. Also, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the animal shelter so it’s a win-win all around.

Back Home



Just a quick note to let you know that I’m back home again.   I had an amazing vacation in Europe.  I’m still a little jet lagged, but I’m getting back into the swing of things.



Another Reader’s Question and Vacation Time

I received a good question from a reader the other day:

There is something that I have always wondered while watching a spanking video.  How much of the actual reactions and sounds made by the spankee are real?  Is it mostly done for dramatic effect or are they true reactions to the spanking?

seems legit

Honestly, I would say it’s a combination.  Not every scene is intense enough for to elicit a major response from some of the tougher model.  Other scenes are more than intense enough and a model will have to work hard to tone it down a bit so that the spanker’s dialogue can be heard.

Some models naturally go quiet when reaching their pain limit.  They will tense up, often go still, and may even hold their breath.  On camera it can appear that they are not feeling a thing and may even seem bored, but what you don’t see in the final edit is that the model has had to use her safeword as she can’t take any more.  

Most of the time though, the reactions are genuine, but encouraged.  By that I mean, the models are instructed to let go and not be shy.  They are told to squirm and cry out as they would naturally when feeling pain.  Having a camera or three recording your every move can be intimidating but of course we want to see reactions.  It’s not a time for stoicism or shyness even if that is the model’s natural tendency.  


As I posted recently, I’m heading out on vacation tomorrow.  I’ll be gone for the next few weeks but I will have limited internet access.  Please feel free to email me but understand that I may not be able to respond quickly or as thoroughly as usual.  


I am booking sessions June 27th and later so if you are considering a session with me, please don’t hesitate to send an email.  In fact, I strongly encourage you to do so soon rather than waiting until I return.  I often need to book some time in advance to be able to coordinate schedules.  

Reader Question – Most Painful Implements

What do you think are the most painful implements in order, and you could possibly rate them on a scale of 1-10 and positions if you would like as well. For the implements, you could assume as if it were 100 smacks full force bare when rating them. 

I know that I have written about various implements many times, had a garage in them, reading them, deciding which ones should be tossed in the wood chipper, etc. But when I have evaluated the implements, I have always rated them based on a typical punishment using each one. While it may be perfectly reasonable and customary to receive hundreds of swats in a hand spanking, typically a punishment using the cane consists of only six or maybe 12 strokes. Evaluating based on a set number of 100 changes the game a little.

Therefore using the hundred swat count I would rank the following implements as such:

Strop – we’re not talking about a strap here, we are talking about a strop. The big, heavy, wide barber or prison strop. After 100 full force on the bare, a person would have deep bruising, swelling, and likely layers of skin would have worn away resulting in weeping or bleeding. I’d give that a 10 as far as pain and intensity, but honestly, I’d personally consider the 100 mark to be an excessive goal.

Cane – I have heard of tough players receiving a hundred with the cane but I do not know if they were delivered full force. From what I’ve seen in extreme videos depicting similar punishments, the girls are left bruised and bleeding. So I’d say that would also rank a 10 and would not be my cup of tea.

Frat style paddle – deep bruising would likely result and if a heavy paddle was used, the skin would probably split at some point. I’d give this one a 10 as well.

Hairbrush – Variable depending on the weight of the brush, but 100 is not out of the realm of possibility. If say 6-8.

Belt/strap – Like the brush, belts and straps can vary in weight. Some belts are too light to even be used effectively at all. Others are heavy and vicious. I suppose I’d estimate 6-8.

Wooden spoon – likely to sting like crazy but not cause a lot of physical damage. I’d say a 4-5.

Hand – Some people like to deliver spanks more like a punch. When I’ve received ones like this where every bit if force is used in a single, deliberate blow, often I’ll feel pain deep into my bones (and it’s not uncommon for my tailbone to get hit when such a move is performed so that’s part of it). I’m considering that to be something separate from what would be considered a normal full force 100 swat spanking. I’d rank the hand as a 5. It’s less stingy than the spoon but more likely to bruise.

Sure, there are other implements such as the carpet beater, the plimsoll, straps made out of tire tread, but I selected only those that I commonly use and receive as it would be hard for me to judge those that I’ve either felt once or not at all.

How would you rank various implements based on a set count of 100 full force swats?

New Movie – Home Schooling

We’ve just released a new full length movie, Home Schooling, featuring Lily Anna, Emma, and me. 

Home Schooling Preview

Scene descriptions are below:

Lily Anna and Emma’s parents have decided to have the girls complete their schooling using an accredited online, home-based curriculum. Lily, who loves school and craves the attention of her teachers, is devastated. Emma, on the other hand, is thrilled and thinks that homeschool means no school. Both girls are very surprised when Ms. Wells, the school district’s home instruction tutor, pays the girls a visit.

1. Unexpected Visit – Ms. Wells has been sent by the school district to ensure the girls are keeping up with their studies and offer in-person guidance with their projects. Lily is overjoyed at the idea but Emma gives Ms. Wells a very chilly reception. When Emma is rude to Ms. Wells and refuses to even open a book, the home tutor discipline’s her student with a bare bottom hand spanking.

2. Online Distractions – Emma is supposed to be doing research online for her essay but is spending her time playing games and checking out Facebook. When Ms. Wells catches her, she is full of excuses. But those excuses do nothing to save her from the dose of the strap she’s earned.


3. Lily In Charge – Ms. Wells has to take an important phone call and excuse herself for a few minutes. She asks Lily Anna to keep an eye on her sister and make sure she continues to work on her assignments. No sooner does Ms. Wells step out of the room than Emma is once again shirking her work in favor of playing online. Lily decides to give her sister a hard over the knee spanking for slacking off and always causing trouble. Won’t Ms. Wells be proud?


4. Lily’s Lesson – When Ms. Wells returns from her phone call, Lily proudly reports what she has done. But unfortunately for the would be teacher’s pet, Lily did not have the authority to meet out corporal punishment and now it’s Lily’s own bottom that must pay the price for an act of violence against a fellow student. And when Ms. Wells is giving Lily her spanking with a leather paddle, she allows Emma to deliver a few swats of her own to her big sister’s bottom!

DSC_0141   DSC_0140


The full length movie clip is available now on our Clips4Sale store and the DVD version is also available by mail order.  Please note that I will be out of town June 5th – 25th and therefore unable to check the PO box during that time.  Any orders received between those dates will be fulfilled upon my return.  Still 2 weeks left at this point so get get your order in today and avoid the wait!

As always, this DVD is available for $30 including shipping.  Orders may be sent to:

Amber Wells
PO Box 92
Great Meadows, NJ 07838

Leading the Dance



I’m not talking about the spanky dance that the bottoms are known to do after a particularly painful swat.  I’m referring to the more subtle partnered dance tops and bottoms do whenever they engage in play.  There are moves, positions, and various routines that could rival any well choreographed ballet.  And much like just about every partnered dance, someone has to lead.

Although topping from the bottom has a negative connotation, I think it’s perfectly reasonable for either the top or the bottom to lead the dance.  After all, it is literally the bottom’s bottom in the line! And unless every detail is worked out in advance such as a scripted scene, the length and the intensity of the spanking out to be heavily influenced by the bottom’s tolerance and desire.  

That being said, it’s common for the bottom to not want to FEEL as though they are the ones in the lead.  They don’t want to know exactly what will happen next and to feel as though their fate is (safely) out of their hands.  It can be tricky at times unless play partners are naturally on the same level in ever regard – a beautiful thing when it happens, but not a common occurrence. 

Signals can become muddied as the fantasy of the experience blurs with the reality of the situation.  Is the bottom truly not feeling enough sensation to react or is she simply bring stoic? Or is she one who naturally goes still and silent to cope with intense discomfort? And conversely, is the bottom protesting loudly because she is in considerable pain or is she only acting the part of someone who doesn’t want to be punished? When the top commands the bottom to stop struggling or act contrite, is he secretly hoping she will continue to act up allowing for play to continue? It can be challenging for both the top and the bottom to sort out and yet working out every detail ahead of time is impossible or at the very least a major buzzkill. 


So who leads the dance and how? Who determines how play will go? Is it actually the top who is in command and is he then responsible for how the spanking dance plays out? Or is it the bottom, through either subtle yet clear signals (or flat out direct feedback during play), who must lead the dance? 

How Fitting

Unbelievable.  Of all things, I would end up with this condition.  :-/  I have Piriformis Syndrome otherwise known as (and I am not making this up) Pain In The Butt Syndrome.  Basically a small muscle deep in my glute is placing pressure on my sciatic nerve.  I’m working with my wonderful chiropractor to get this treated but I had to laugh when I was told the name.  

Part of my therapy is to roll my bottom on this foam log.  It’s kind of like a massage, but not quite as nice.


And when I don’t need this log anymore, I think it could serve a far better purpose as a bolster for spanking naughty bottoms!



That bummer (ha!  Get it?) aside, I’ve just listed the last of the costumes I’m selling on eBay for charity.  Ten new items including school girl skirts, accessories, and fantasy costumes just went up.  Hope you’ll take a look and if something catches your eye, place a bid and make it yours!