And …I’m Back!

Yay!  My blog is back in action now.  All links restored and you can leave comments again thanks to the helpful tech support at my web hosting company.  I always feel a little awkward when calling the tech line knowing that the staff will be looking at my blog.  Thankfully, the gentleman I spoke to the other day was very kind and said he enjoyed getting calls about interesting sites such as mine! 

Anyway, I apologize for the prolonged absence.  This past semester flew by as I was constantly swamped with schoolwork and juggling vanilla work and sessions.  I would think of things I’d like to post (often while driving and not the opportune time to blog) but then would never get time to sit and write anything other than case studies and regulatory papers.

Somehow, despite my slacking on blogging, Santa saw it in his heart to be kind to me.  Sure, he did put coal and switches in my stocking, but thankfully they were the edible kind.


And did you know there was a Spanker Smurf?  I’ve seen that Smurf movie and I don’t recall him ever making an appearance but sure enough, I am now the proud owner of a Spanker Smurf doll.  Ok, so maybe it’s actually Vanity Smurf, but the gift sender and I both had the same thought when we took a look at that “mirror” in his hand.


And while Santa did not drop these off for me, don’t you think they’d make great stocking stuffers?  They claim to be salad servers but I think they’d be far better used for smacking a bottom than slopping lettuce around.


Anyone else get a spanking related present this year?  Better yet, did you receive and Christmas spanks?  I’m not sure if you need to be on the naughty or the nice list to receive them.

Tech Issues!

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I’ve had some ongoing tech issues (coupled with a chronic shortage of time, lol) but hopefully I’ll have a new entry up soon.

I know that currently you can’t navigate beyond this home page and I plan to contact my host tomorrow.  Something must have happened when they resolved the issue of me being locked out of my blog dashboard altogether!

Sorry for for the inconvenience but I wanted to post this temporary message to say that otherwise all is well and I hope everyone is off to good start for 2015!

Chair Height

Over the knee is the classic spanking position. There’s nothing quite like being draped over the spanker’s lap, bottom turned upright ready to be warmed. For the spankee, there is a mix of security and vulnerability in being held close to the spanker’s body. Many spankees desire the ultimate feeling of helplessness that would come from lying over the lap so high off the ground that neither feet nor hands could touch. But this is not always feasible in adult play.

Remove those arms and these would be just about perfect

The adult spankee is often too long to dangle off the spanker’s lap when placed on a chair of standard height. A possible solution to these issues is to use a chair with long legs such as a sturdy bar stool with back support for the spanker. By boosting up the chair height, it may be possible to position the spankee so that she/he cannot reach the ground with either her hands or feet. It certainly adds to the feeling of being tiny and helpless but to receive the punishment that’s coming and allows for lots of unrestrained kicking.
But the tall chair isn’t doesn’t resolve all the issues. You see, the adult spanker and spankee are often relatively close in height. That means that when the chair is high enough that the spankee can’t touch the ground, the spanker is probably not going to be able to secure his/her feet on the ground either. Some very tall spankers may be able to do so, but certainly not everyone. With neither one touching the ground, this can lead to some wobbly moments. Also, the full weight of the spankee is being supported by the spanker’s legs which can be uncomfortable for both parties after a while. A knee pressed in the gut or ribs can distract from the sensation taking place on the backside!

barstoolA stool like this will likely lead to a double faceplant

But if the suspended in the air feeling is important, a well-built tall chair can be the way to go. If possible, put the same kind of thought into selecting a chair the way you would when selecting an implement. Look for good craftsmanship and solid construction. Get one with a seat back and no swivel action. Rails or a foot rest on the chair legs are great because they offer a place for the spanker to hook his/her feet and for the spankee to grab hold of as needed for support and balance. If you can find a chair with a padded seat, that’s the best. After all, we wouldn’t want the spanker’s bottom to experience any discomfort while delivering the spanking, right?

Practically perfect in every way

Have you ever used a tall chair for a spanking? Have you come up with another way to keep the spankee suspended high off the ground?

Preferred Age In Role Play

I got a great question (well, a number of related questions really) from a reader yesterday.  Rather than replying only to him, I thought why not (with the gentleman’s consent) respond with a blog post on the topic.

These days, when you role-play, do you prefer to play the part of a younger woman (like a teenager – I’m not talking about ageplay) or someone who’s fully adult?

I assume that in a session the roles are ultimately determined by the client – so just as long as it’s not something you strongly object to, you just roll with it. It’s not about your preference, but the client’s preference. I think you actually wrote just that in a post a few years ago. But if a client were to ask what _you’d_ like to do, or you were to be playing in a social/non-professional situation where a client relationship wasn’t present, what _is_ your preference? Do you still defer to the top and allow him/her to set the scene, or is this something you control (or at least try to) from the bottom by presenting as an adult (character) from the start?

And have your thoughts or preferences changed as you yourself have gotten older (not older, better!), or since you’ve begun switching? In your own mind, is it still easy to revert to an 18-year old girl getting a spanking when you’re no longer 18, or does that just seem silly to try to pull off now?

I also seem to remember another post from your old blog where you quoted a PB model who was reading scripts for that day’s shoot, who said something like “Great! I finally get to play an adult in one of these.”  Is this likely to be a common (if unexpressed) complaint – an “oh, geez – not _another_ naughty schoolgirl scenario…”  reaction? 

You’re correct that I defer to the client for spanking sessions provided the request is within the realm of what I am comfortable playing.  Age play, either older or younger, is not a constraint.  I have played roles of a young child that would be considered true ageplay as well as roles of a woman older than my years and everywhere in between.  I think that’s the beauty of role play – you can take on a role very similar to your true self or one that is the complete opposite of who you are in real life.  Not only am I often asked to play the role of someone either older or younger than my chronological age, but many times the person I’m playing with will adopt a different age himself, often regressing 10, 30, even 60 years.  What better place to do so than within the safe confines of a spanking role play?

I am sometimes asked what kind of scene I would enjoy playing in a session (paid or not).  I appreciate the opportunity to have some input but I feel a bit of pressure when having to come up with the role play idea.  It is always my goal to make sure the other person enjoys the play and so I’ll either give a list of suggestions of scenes that I am comfortable with and enjoy or I’ll try to guess what the other person might like and skew my answer in that direction.

I do not have a preference as far as what age I play within a scene.  I am thrilled to play a school girl or cheerleader just as I would to play the teacher or office worker.  The variety is actually quite nice.  And I think for the model referenced expressing joy in playing an adult role, that she was pleased to do something different because it allows for a different dynamic between the spanker and spankee, different emotions and reactions that can be expressed, and different wardrobe options.  I can’t speak for other on the matter, but while I have never thought “oh, geez – not _another_ naughty schoolgirl scenario”, variety is welcomed.

So if I were to be asked to give ideas for scenarios that I’d like to engage in (as far as being on the receiving end), I would still say teacher/student along with principal/teacher, principal/student, coach/cheerleader, older relative/younger relative, and boss/employee.  It’s not the age that is really a significant factor in my mind but more the implied level of authority given to whatever role the spanker is taking on.  It would be much, much less likely for me to suggest a role reversal scene in which I was the teacher being spanked by the adolescent student.  Although this is a dynamic I’m comfortable acting out and have experienced playing, it would not be my first thought since I like the traditional roles of natural authority figure and natural subordinate.

The world of spanking role play is special in that it allows us to put reality aside for a short while.  We can adopt whatever age we choose, we can be any character we can imagine, we can even be a mythical being that’s never existed if we choose.  Where else can you be so free in your daily life without getting strange looks or being judged?  So for me, I’m happy to add or subtract years and enjoy the chance to explore being someone else for a while.

How about you?  Do you engage in roles younger or older than your years or do you stick with chronological age only?  Do you ask your play partner to take on a different age sometimes?  Do you have limits with regard to what age you or your partner take on?

Fall Spanking Fashion – Pants

It’s a chilly, rainy day here.  Definitely not shorts weather.  I guess fall is truly around the corner.

I much prefer wearing shorts or a skirt over jeans or athletic pants, but I have to admit, pants can accentuate the curves of the bottom nicely.  I know quite a few people that are happy that ladies will be running around in leggings and yoga pants again now that the cooler weather is back.  They are designed to hug all the right places.



Are you a fan of these styles of athletic pants?  Do you refer to both as yoga pants or the ones on the left as yoga pants and the ones on the right as leggings?  Is it a regional thing?

When I’m people watching and checking out spankable bottoms that walk by (yes, I look! How could I not?), I most admire girls and guys fitted jeans.  Something about the denim makes them extra spankable.  Even more so in my book than yoga pants.

What’s your preference?  Jeans?  Yoga pants?  Leggings?  Who cares because they’re coming down anyway?

Whipped Cream and a Cherry Red Bottom

Labor Day weekend is here which signals the unofficial end of summer.  Boooo!  But here’s a fun video clip Lily Anna and I filmed at the height of summer.

Where Are My Keys – video clip

This was a custom request that combined the love of spanking with the playfulness of messy food fun.  In this scene, Lily Anna has the bad habit of leaving her keys in the front door of our house (she said that was a habit she is guilty of in real life!) and I’m sick of her irresponsibility.  When Lily comes looking for her keys, I first push her in the pool and then drag her out for a soaking wet over the knee spanking.  As if a stingy, red bottom isn’t enough punishment, I add a surprising twist by smacking Lily’s bottom with plates of whipped cream when she’s least expecting it.  I then give her a few final swats just to make sure the lesson really sinks in …which of course sends the whipped cream flying everywhere including all over me!  Thank goodness I was wearing my shades.

Be sure to check out this fun outdoor spanking clip in our clips4sale store.

pie5    pie3pie4


Hope you’ll check out this clip.  A portion of sales from this and every other clip in our store is donated to shelter animals in need.  This month we were able to help an animal charity by purchasing a few things from their wish list including cleaning supplies, cat and kitten food, office supplies, and a grocery store gift card.  Thanks to everyone who has purchased a clip and helped to support animal welfare.



Student Discipline Video Clip

I promise I have not forgotten about you!  Things have just been incredibly busy lately.  I’m going in a thousand directions recently but I’m loving everything I’m doing from my classes to work to spanking sessions.

Once my scheduled gets ironed out a bit, I’ll be back to post a more complete entry but for now, I wanted to share some pictures from a new custom video clip that Lily and I shot last month.  The clip has just been uploaded to our Clips4Sale store if you’d like to check it out.

The scene is entitled Student Discipline and Lily and I must take turns giving each other a prescribed punishment spanking.  How fitting this is considering I’ve just started school!  Let’s just say that plan to make curfew from here on out.

Lily Anna and Pixie were caught by the headmistress breaking the campus curfew. As per school policy, they have been ordered to paddle and cane one another for their infraction. The catch? They must present their red bottoms to the headmistress afterwards to show they did a sufficient job. If their bottoms don’t show enough marks, the headmistress will spank them all over again.

The girls wince in sympathy as they deliver the swats to each other, but they are forced to make this a punishment that counts!

student1 student2 student3 student4 student5



Just Peachy


It’s peach season, but I bet you’ve never seen peaches like this at your local farm stand!



Must have been some naughty peaches because a few of them look like they were recently spanked.

And those peaches aren’t the only ones that have been spanked recently.  Lily Anna and I filmed a couple custom videos last week and for some reason, I seemed to get the brunt of the punishment this time around!  I guess it’s only fair considering all the times I’ve been the one to deliver the swats to Lily. 

We’ve uploaded one of the videos to our Clips4Sale store already and another will follow soon.

Games of Chance

Pixie has a gambling problem and has even resorted to taking money from her roommate, Lily, to feed her habit. Lily is determined to put a stop to Pixie’s addiction by teaching her that games of chance have painful consequences.

Pixie, clad in only a bikini, is first given a hard hand spanking and then made to repeatedly roll dice to determine what she’ll be spanked with next and how many times. And just when Pixie thinks it’s over, Lily surprises her with a hairbrush spanking to make sure the lesson is learned.

We truly played by the rules and allowed the dice to determine the implements and number of swats. Let’s just say Lady Luck was not on Pixie’s side that day.

bikini1 bikini4bikini2

If you watch the video, I hope you’ll enjoy my string of bad luck with those darn dice!

Not Exactly Goodbye But …

You may have read Lily Anna’s announcement on her blog the other day that she is planning to officially retire from the fetish scene in the next couple of months and no longer appear on camera.  I have received a few emails asking what that means in regard to our video ventures – will LAP Spanking continue on?  Am I also retiring?

Well, we will be winding down the LAP Spanking site and cease filming videos very soon, but I am not retiring entirely.  I will be returning to school as of mid-August and also drastically increasing my vanilla work hours even sooner than that.  


So with Lily and I both needing to dedicate more of our time to vanilla obligations, we will unfortunately be calling an end to our video work as well as our beloved Aunt Melissa series.  We had hoped to be able to film one more full length movie, but unfortunately the details of a large scale production could not be worked out in time.  


We are, however, looking to film a few final short individual clips featuring just the two of us before the end of July.  If you are interested in ordering a custom clip with Lily Anna and myself, act now.  Send us an email at  You can have your own custom spanking scene created for you for $250 (email us for an exact quote based on your requests), but only if you get in touch soon.

We will also be closing our clips4sale store in a few months time so if there is a title you’ve been considering purchasing, be sure to visit LAP Spanking Clips and order your download soon.


So that’s the bad news.  The GOOD news is that I will continue to be available for in-person sessions as my schedule allows and I will continue to post here on my blog.  I am still a spanko at heart even if I am delving deeper into the vanilla world.  If you’re interested in booking a session, please email me at


The Good Girl or The Bad Girl

For those of you that enjoy role play, either watching a scene or acting one out yourself, do you prefer when the spanking recipient is really “bad” or actually “good” but somehow ends up getting spanked anyway?

Now, before I get too far along, allow me to make a disclaimer. I am only using the term “girl” for convenience and because it’s part of the often used phrases “good girl” and “bad girl”. I know there are plenty of “good and bad” boys out there and many who don’t like the youthful terms at all, but please substitute the term of your choice as you read this.

By “bad” I mean a character that is really asking for it. Someone who has clearly done something deserving of harsh punishment and who perhaps isn’t the least bit remorseful. Someone who is mouthy, spews hate peppered with curse words, shows no respect, and generally falls somewhere on the spectrum between brat and bitch. There is no doubt that the bad girl is out of control and needs to be dealt with.

And by “good” I mean someone who may have committed a more minor offense and perhaps did so without malicious intent. The good girl isn’t as likely to backtalk but may try to desperately talk her way out of a spanking. In some scenarios, the good girl may not have even truly done anything wrong but was in the wrong place at the wrong time or may have even been framed.

Those are the extremes, of course, and there are many variations that fall somewhere in between. But generally speaking, do you prefer to watch or engage with a character who is taking on the role of the rebellious troublemaker or does that run the risk of crossing the line and making it a less than enjoyable experience? For some it may be appealing to have someone who is so clearly deserving of punishment but for others, too much resistance and refusal to hand over control spoils the moment.

For some, the good girl is appealing because you generally want to be around those that are well-behaved and well-mannered. But if the girl is too good, then do you feel justified in giving the spanking? You need some kind of incentive.

When I role play, I generally like playing the mostly good girl that has committed some relatively minor offense. Maybe I cheated on a test and was caught. Maybe I called out sick from work to go to the beach and my boss found out. Or maybe I was late on the rent for the third month in a row and my roommate has had enough. Playing the role of someone who committed adultery, became rip roaring drunk after a night of passion, and then crashed my car into a telephone pole is a bit too far of a stretch for me, but I have made an attempt to act out similar roles upon request.

What’s your preference? Bottoms, which role do you like playing and tops, what kind of role do you like the bottom to take on? And for those that watch, which is more of a turn on for you, the really bad girl getting spanked or the mostly good girl surprised to find herself over the knee?

On a side note, Emma is going to be traveling to our area in the near future and will be available to shoot custom scenes.



If you’d like to order a custom video clip featuring Emma being spanked by Lily Anna, me, or the both of us, please email us at The cost for a clip is $200 and the video tend to be 5 – 7 minutes in length. Tell us what kind of scenario you’d enjoy and we will do our best to bring your ideas to life. Emma can be the good girl or the bad girl you have dreamed of seeing spanked. Also, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the animal shelter so it’s a win-win all around.