Cause For Paws and more!

Where does the time go?  As they say, I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger and while I keep thinking of things that I want to blog about, unfortunately my post-by-ESP skills are rusty. 

Wine Tasting

Last week, Lily Anna and I attended a wine tasting charity event which helped raise funds for one of the animal rescue groups we are fond of.  Now, you know I must really love animals to go to a wine tasting since I’m not one to drink at all.  Mostly I just took a polite micro-sip and poured the remainder in Lily’s glass. 


I did discover a very tasty Swedish pear hard cider.  The man showcasing the hard ciders apologized for them not being very strong and suggested using them as a mixer with vodka.  The fact that they tasted like soda was probably the very reason I liked them.


While milling around, Lily and I couldn’t help but find ourselves looking at the other patrons and wondering who in the crowd might be a fellow spanko and which bottoms would be great for spanking.  Do you find yourself doing this in public too?

Cause for Paws

Of course wine tasting isn’t the only thing we are doing to help raise funds for companion animals in need.  We are once again putting doing a Cause for Paws fundraiser which you can read about in more detail HERE.  We’re collecting donations for two great animal rescue organizations which not only provide no kill shelters but also participate in the southern dog rescue, sponsor low-cost spay & neuter programs, provide veterinary care for animals that would otherwise suffer or be put down, and even a pet food pantry for those caring for animals who may need assistance.  Donations may be made online and go directly to the one organization or can be sent by regular mail to my PO box (cash, money orders, or checks payable to sh3) for us to take in person to the other organization. 

I’ve decided to extend the fundraiser until January 31st.  I had originally set the end date as December 31st, but with holiday madness for all, I thought it might be best to bump it back a month.  We will be creating a thank you spanking video dedicated to all those that have donated after the fundraiser has ended. 

To date, we have managed to raise nearly $1000 between online and snail mail donations.  Thanks to generous folks like you, lots of furry friends will get the food, care, and shelter they need while waiting for their forever homes.

Custom Clips for Donating

In addition to the thank you video we’ll put together, we are also offering short custom spanking scenes for anyone that generously donates $200 or more.  We are limited to filming scenes with just the two of us, but if you’d like to see us spank one another in a scenario of your choosing, please consider helping a great cause and we’ll be delighted to create a video clip for you. 

We have already filmed several such custom spanking clips for donators and in addition to making them available to the individuals who requested them, Lily and I have also posted the custom clips on our Clips4Sale store – Lily Anna & Pixie’s Spanking Clips for anyone who wishes to purchase and enjoy them too.  Your purchases will allow us to donate additional funds to the animal charities.


Want custom video scenes but don’t wish to make a donation to Cause for Paws?  That’s possible too.  Please email us if you’d like to commission us to create custom scenes for you.


I also am going to put together two gift baskets (ok, boxes) to give away to lucky donators.  One gift box will be for a spanker/top and one for a bottom and the winners will be selected at random by raffle draw.  For every $10 a donator sends, I’ll put 1 ticket in their name into the drawing.  If you donate and would like to enter the drawing, please email me stating whether you’d like to be placed in the spanker raffle or the bottom raffle.  Just remember, this is a physical prize so I’d have to be able to ship it to you.  I know not everyone is comfortable receiving spanking related items by mail.  The gift box raffle is totally OPTIONAL for donators.  Nothing will be sent to you unless you ask to be in the raffle.

Other Stuff

I have plans for a new Dear Amber video that I hope to film Thanksgiving week (or earlier if possible).  I definitely want to answer the question of which celebrities I’d like to spank / be spanked by.  If you have another question you’d like to see me address, please let me know in the comments section.  I’ll happily select one or two additional questions to include in the upcoming video.  :)

I’ve just updated the Spanking Pixie blog.  Check it out to read what I’ve been up to with Punished Brats. 

And now I’m going to head back to play in my kitchen for a while.  I love cooking up a storm.  Right now I’m in the process of making roasted sweet potato and carrot soup with cranberry relish and later I plan to make an apple cranberry crisp as well as my special dark chocolate raspberry layer cake for my hubby.  I may not be a big fan of the colder weather, but fall sure is a good time for baking.  Now where is my Spank The Cook apron?

cranberries roastedveg
yummy harvest fresh ingredients

14 thoughts on “Cause For Paws and more!

  1. karaJ

    I usually don’t look at others & wonder, but I often feel like I have “SPANKO” printed on my forehead the way some people look at me.

  2. karaJ

    Oh……and George Clooney should call me into his den & say , “You know why you’re here young lady.”

  3. J.D.

    Hey Chef Pixie: What is happening to this younger generation? I think Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus would all benefit from some serious time over Aunt Melissa’s knee. “Mm Hmm”!!!

  4. BrianCA

    I’m all for helping animals also, and since I don’t have 2 legged kids, I’m leaving the most of my vast empire to animal causes. Okay, it’s far from vast and not exactly an empire, but it’ll be worth having. The only problem is I have to leave to have it kick in, and I’m not planning on going any time soon. There will be needy animals then too unfortunately. Helping animals will pretty much be my legacy. I have a few rescues picked out already. Oddly enough one is in N.J. thanks to someone I went ti high school with who lives there and is animal crazy also.
    Maybe others can think about that. Even people who do have human heirs may be able to do a small percentage. Just something to think about.

  5. J.D.

    Hey Pixie: My top and I decided to play a game of Spanky Land this weekend. Since you didn’t specify, we decided all spankings would be on the bare. Also, when she landed on a spanking spot, I would receive a Butter Rum lifesaver (YUM) in lieu of her being spanked. Even though I lost the game, I won two lifesavers and only had a brief stay at Hairbrush Hideaway. So we decided to play again. I jumped out to what appeared to be an insurmountable lead, won several lifesavers and appeared to be one dice roll away from victory. I was being a typical Alpha-male ARROGANT, BAD WINNER when adversity struck. I hit the SLIDES not once, but twice and landed on Leather Lane, Strap Street, Paddle Place and Spoon Spot on my way back up the board (YOUCH) before she eventually won again. She then announced that my obnoxious behavior during game two had earned me a BONUS spanking with EACH of the implements. So Ms. Pixie, my encounter with your very innocent- looking prototype board game has left me a VERY SORE loser!!!! Appearances can indeed be deceiving.

  6. NJSpank

    Glad you two had fun, sounds amazing. Count me in for the raffle, please. Not sure what I want, lap or bottom!!!!??

    Wonderful work.

  7. Kevyn

    Just wanted to post this for fellow animal lovers…. It’s horrifying but there is something that can be done.

  8. Dale

    Hi Pixie – - You are the BEST for doing this… (one thing, though, you left the zip code out of the address on the CFP page… Big Hug

  9. mike

    when ever iam out in public i too wonder if people i see is into spanking or if certain bf/gf husband/wife is into spanking or if one or other get spanked by other

    i even look at certain female wonder if she would spank me or be intrested in spanking me just too scare go up and ask lol

    i love animal i think awesome what you do for animal your great person if ask me

    i have question for your blog if your out and about doing vanilla stuff a fan come up and talk to you and ask you if you would spank them or tell you alway wanted spank by you how would you respond? would you spank them or what

  10. J.D.

    Hi Pixie: Do you have a favorite spanking scene from a mainstream movie and/or TV show?

  11. […] Pixie Wells is campaigning for Cause For Paws as you can read in this post Cause For Paws and more!. Or you can go to this page Cause For Paws. Dana Kane is also doing her bit for those on four feet, […]

  12. Dean

    Dear Miss Pixie,

    Thank you for extending your deadline. I very much wish to contribute but the call on my limited funds are too much this time of year! January is MUCH better for me!

  13. Tim

    Pixie you and Lily Anna have raised a grand sum for your cause well done love and spanks,Timxx

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